General Information Edit

The Warrior is a frontline Dice.
He has the maximum skill of 17. So use the equipment wisely.

Maximum Skill per level/Needed XP for next level Edit

Level Max. Skill Needed XP
1 5 10
2 8 21
3 10 33
4 12 45
5 15 60
6 17

Equipment Edit

Normal Equipment (buy/sell) Edit

Special Equipment Edit

What is a Special Equipment? See more here

Skills Edit

Possible Strategies Edit

This one is good to rush at an enemy. It workes great against archers, because they wont have a shield of 2. (only, when you are really unlucky) It is also good for farming gold in Level 8 or 9.

Screenshot 20170223-203322

This setup is extraordinarily effective at every level. With this setup you will be immune to spells and arrows with attack 2. This however, is extremely pricey to make, and there is a 1~6 chance you might not have landed on a Sword of Resistance, losing a shield for that turn.