4 Warriors 5 Sword of resistance and one Blade of resistance at the front, They will block atacks and protect the team. If you don't have bad luck, their warriors will run to your barricade, and will use Berserk to kill, disabling their defense and being easy to kill.

2 Archers 4 Elven boots and 2 Long bow will try to run just for their mages, even if they got killed later. All for the team!

2 Mages 2 Scroll of fire tornado, 2 Scroll of firestorm and 2 Fireball, always hitting hard and with good range. Try to kill their mages first, and as number of deaths as possible.

2 Clerics 5 Symbol of superprotection and 1 Holy symbol of protection. Your mages are squishy, so try to give them 2 shields and let the battle go on.