General Information Edit

The Cleric is a backline/support Dice.
He has the maximum skill of 17. So use the equipment wisely.

Maximum Skill per level/Needed XP for next level Edit

Level Max. Skill Needed XP
1 9 15
2 11 25
3 12 36
4 13 47
5 15 60
6 17

Equipment Edit

Normal Equipment (buy/sell) Edit

Special Equipment Edit

What is a Special Equipment? See more here

There is no Special Equipment for the Cleric.

Skills Edit

Possible Strategies Edit

The maybe best one works goes with:

5x Amulet of protection and 1x Amulet of antidote

-> This gives you a good protection to the most of your dices (up to 9 including the Cleric), and the other turn you dont get the protection you can heal yourself, because in the harder Locations many enemys use poison.