General Information Edit

The Archer is a midrange Dice.
He has the maximum skill of 16. So use the equipment wisely.

Maximum Skill per level/Needed XP for next level Edit

Level Max. Skill Needed XP
1 9 30
2 11 45
3 12 65
4 13 90
5 14 120
6 16

Equipment Edit

Normal Equipment (buy/sell) Edit

Special Equipment Edit

What is a Special Equipment? See more here

Skills Edit

Possible Strategies Edit

  • 5 Elven Boots + Long Bow

This configuration guaranties that the Archer can fire an arrow of power 2, with great chances of moving as far as desired before firing. This let the Archer reach almost any enemy, no matter how far they are, and only enemies with a shield of protection 2 can survive. But this also let the Archer without protection after their turn, and the option to move turns up so often that it makes the Archer turn annoying to play.